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Fun with strategy generation

March 01, 2023 • 2 minutes

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Need a strategy? Can’t be bothered to understand your landscape? Don’t care about situational awareness or gameplay? Need it fast? Minimal effort? No problem! (From Simon’s blog)

Please read his blog for more information, The strategy generator is a pun on many stratbros who come in as strategic advisor and come up with something that seems very reasonable and extremely convincing.

So here is a machine, helping you with that. Click on buttons below to get a strategy for your company, and if you don’t like it, press the button again. Theses buttons generators random convincingly appropriate strategy.

I also wrote ChatGPT prompt engineered strategy code You can copy this prompt and use as input for ChatGPT and it will give you an eleaborate strategy.

PS: This is only a joke and not a real strategy generator.

Click a button above to get a strategy

Click the button above to get a strategy

Back story

I was intrigued, but it wasn’t hosted on Heroku anymore, and I kind of wanted to play with it. So I decided to host it myself, and also add a few features.

Simon was kind enough to share the original blog post and then I got on with it.

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