Earning reputation?

September 18, 2023 • 1 minute read

Software generation

Few days ago, Jacky asked me two questions, one of them was how to earn reputation?

How do you earn reputation? and that can be a fundamental question, whether it’s an org or team or company? What someone needs to do to earn reputation?

Read on…

Reputation is about what you do - do it well, or do it badly, you earn reputation around that.

In my view, there are few obvious things you can do about earning good reputation in tech field.

  • Figure out what are you good at? or want to be good at. Tech is such a vast field that you can’t talk about everything here. And really do not talk about it.
  • What ever you are good at or passionate about, start talking about it to people.
  • Help unconditionally - within your team and most importantly at community level.
  • Start contributing to community in the ways like opensource, arranging for meetups, blogs etc. ie, I care about software engineering and I constantly not only talk about it, but laos I am willing to help others.
  • Go learn - from people, network with people within your company.
  • Actively volunteer to solve problems around your domain.

And lastly, reflect and adjust as you go, no one is perfect and tech field is always about learning something everyday.