A pit stop

April 19, 2019 • 1 min read.

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A pit stop is very important, skipping that, will cost you later, by not taking a pit-stop you can gain a tactical advantage for a very short time, but in the longer run, you will pay for it in the manners you won’t be able to imagine.

Usually, a pit-stop is celebrated in the software lead product engineering world by doing a retrospective, but many time, people forget to follow up on lessons learned, it’s similar as you taking a pit-stop but not changing tyres, not checking air, not checking many vital statistics, but just saying hi… to pit-crew, this is not a real pit stop but a ceremonial pit-stop… Don’t do it.

Now, think about your body, that needs a pit stop as well, the way your car tyres wear out, your body does as well. The way more races put more stress & wear/tear on your tyres; similarly no pit-stop affects your body! point is that you can replace tyres but not the body parts.

I have learned this lesson over a period of time, but at the end of the day, if you feel tired, then make sure that you take care of that.

Mark a daily (Sleep), weekly (Weekend), monthly (extended weekend), quarterly (a vacation) pit-stop in your calendar, and follow it up!

The way pit stop makes your car better, a re-breather makes your body ready for more strategic goals for your own life.

Remember not taking pit stops builds up stress and it can be dangerous, for more information on stress and what can it become over period of time, please read the consequences here

I have personally experienced this, and I had to take a decision to leave the company I love, the reason was simple, I couldn’t keep up with it’s pace.

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