code . deploy . automate

Passionate about technology, I love solving problems - whether complex or not

##Work I founded CodeIgnition in 2013 with few friends, and now I work for CodeIgnition, a DevOps or infrastructure configuration management and automation startup. Our vision is to help startups by providing world class scalable, fault tolerant and highly available infrastructure. CodeIgnition serves budding startups helping them scale and respond to growing end user needs, and we also help big enterprises with transforming their existing team setup to new age environment with help of DevOps Tools and Culture. We primarily work with cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, Rackspace and Digital Ocean.

##Technologies I love working with variety of technologies and tools, I have worked in various languages, frameworks and tools. Now a days I primarily work with Ruby, Go, JavaScript and related frameworks. I also work with mobile development environments such as iOS and Android. I play with swift, java, objective c.

Apart from languages, my interests include virtualisation, network management and infrastructure management. I have been using containers, virtualisation platforms and configuration management tools such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible etc for almost 5 years.

##Personal Journey I started my career as graphics designer for designing ads, later I helped my brother with his business, selling computers in early 90s and then helping run printing business late 90s. Around mid 90s I got interested in programming and started learning languages, starting with C and later joining National Centre for Software Technology as student, then technical associate and finally working in r & d unit as staff scientist, mainly working on multilingual software for indian languages. early 2000 I joined a niche agile software consulting firm, ThoughtWorks as their first employee in India as developer. I joined as Developer, and went on to work with ThoughtWorks for next decade, I worked in multiple countries and helping various clients with solving problems. Primarily a programmer, but having huge interest in infrastructure and configuration management, in 2006 I became head of global IT operations for ThoughtWorks and later became head of techology for ThoughtWorks India. in 2012, I decided to take break from ThoughtWorks, after few months of break, I joined Bharati SoftBank startup, Hoppr, as chief technology offier.

Later I decided to start working on cloud infrastructure management startup and CodeIgnition was born.